Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017

Straight from the parents’ mouths

Here are just a few messages from the parents of the children we educate… and one from an LEA Educator too:

I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are to have Healthy Harold in our lives!

“Our son Christopher* has special needs and attends a special needs primary school. Harold and his van visits several times a year. Christian is obsessed with Harold and enjoys his visits so much that he can’t stop talking about him right until the next year comes around.

“In the last eight weeks, Christian has been so sick he’s been off school all this time. Between Hospital/Doctors’ visits and his eight bottles of medicine, Harold is the only comfort he ever wants. We pretend to write to Harold, who then writes us letters back and sends them in the mail. There are craft activities with Harold all over them, he talks to ‘Harold’ on the phone (my husband!)… the things we do just to see him get better!

“Harold has had such an amazing positive and loving impact on our son. He makes Christopher* smile every single time! We just wanted to thank you all and mostly Harold, for helping us get through this journey. What you all do for our son and so many other children is truly amazing.”

*N.B. Name changed for privacy purposes

“A parent and support teacher came to talk to me – both of them in tears. Their son and student respectively is autistic and they told me that he NEVER participates in anything… yet he came in to meet Healthy Harold. Not only was he engaged, he participated in the class, even volunteering to read Healthy Harold's diary. His teacher has never before heard him read! The Mum said he hasn't stopped talking about Harold ever since that first class.” (LE Educator, NSW)

“Thank you Life Education for visiting our Kindergarten – your messages certainly hit home. My daughter Shannon* loves her close buddy ‘Giraffey’ - aka 'Harold'. Harold oversees her doll’s family picnics to make sure they eat healthy food. Shannon’s imaginative play post-Life Education’s school visit were invented solely around the healthy choices she learned about and was immersed in on the day. Thank you.”

*N.B. Name changed for privacy purposes

“The real learning from Life Education was visible in our home when the moans and groans about cleaning teeth were transformed into a: ‘Harold said……’ re. the importance of cleaning them. Mum and Dad couldn’t get the message across, but a giraffe quickly became the household authority on dental care. For months and months after, the recall about what ‘Harold said’ worked beautifully.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that my daughter Nadine* (a Kindy student), who attended a Healthy Harold class yesterday, was absolutely delighted with it. She re-lived every moment when she came home. She told us everything she’d learned, from lessons on junk food to where our lungs are, what their function is and who is the “boss” of our body” .  It is so heart-warming and wonderful to see what a positive impact Healthy Harold has on our children… especially in today’s world where we are surrounded with junk food and fast-paced life.”

*N.B. Name changed for privacy purposes