Sunday, 08 Nov 2015

Children are the winners in the Partnership Agreement in the City of Kwinana

In January 2016 Alcoa-Kwinana Refinery management approved a new Community Partnership with Life Education WA for 2 years and increased the funding form $10,000 in 2015 to $15,000 per year for 2016 & 2017.

This will allow the Primary School Students in all schools based in the City of Kwinana the opportunity of participating in Health Education at an early age, work through issues about personal safety and cybersafety in Middle Primary and in Upper Primary the dangers associated with smoking, alcohol and both legal and illegal drugs.

Scott Thompson Alcoa-Kwinana Refinery Kwinana Manager stated that “Alcoa is pleased to support this positive drug and health education program aimed at strengthening the communities in which we operate”

The results and support from the Local Primary Schools in 2015 greatly influenced the decision of Alcoa-Kwinana Refinery to extend and increase the partnership.

Richard Mader

“The programs are extremely relevant to the children, parents, and broader school community. They are extremely relevant because the programs deal with drugs, bullying, and other social issues that our students and families can face on a day to day basis.”

Maurice Giles

"The programs are appropriately targeted to the Children’s level of development and understanding and provide opportunities for them to further develop their knowledge of Healthy Living and drug education”

Tenae Brockhoff

"The Life Ed van program is a wonderful resource and tool to educate our students about Healthy Lifestyle choices. It is an interactive course which provides students with information about Healthy choices. The program also provides follow-up resources for teachers which we can use to reinforce these Healthy concepts”

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