Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017

Relate Respect Connect to launch in 2018

A recent grant from Gandel Philanthropy together with funds raised by the Life Education Foundation have co-funded a new addition to the Life Education program focused on building children's capacity to develop and sustain safe and respectful relationships, including when online.

The new module for Years 5, 6 and 7 (Year 7 in SA) is called ‘Relate Respect Connect’. It will provide a unique, contemporary learning experience that explores building positive, safe and respectful relationships. Presented via a series of fictitious vlogs that resonate with young people moving through upper primary school and beyond, this module focuses on:

  • Understanding how to respect ourselves and others
  • Identifying characteristics of positive relationships
  • Strategies to help maintain positive online and offline relationships
  • Strategies to respond to unsafe or disrespectful situations online and offline
  • The importance of relationships to our own and others' wellbeing

This new module covers core life skills such as building positive and respectful relationships, effective communication, development of empathy, pro-social values and social and emotional skills. These skills are fundamental components for promoting resilience and positive mental health as well as future academic and career success.

Meeting important social requirements

Across our community there is a need to better promote tolerance and respect. Schools are the social institutions that have the greatest capacity to support students in their development of respectful relationships by creating the conditions and opportunities in which they can learn and practise the skills and values that contribute to them. 

The development of this new module is on track for completion late this year. Orientation training for Life Education educators will occur between December 2017 and February 2018, enabling first delivery in schools across Australia from the start of Term 1, 2018.

Points to note:

  • Resources developed will include audio-visuals and engaging interactive digital assets for use by our educators with students in mobile classrooms.
  • Online Pre and Post-Visit resources will help teachers in the classroom achieve the learning outcomes contained within the module.
  • Each student will receive a 12-page colour workbook that complements the online lesson plans and interactive activities.
  • All content is linked to the Australian Curriculum

 A series of ‘Tip Sheets’ and short videos will be developed for parents and carers around helping children to:

  • Manage disagreement well
  • Develop self-respect
  • Respond to unsafe or disrespectful relationships
  • Make friends (including managing shyness and social anxiety)