Monday, 27 Nov 2017

Parents and teachers learn the latest cybersafety tips

From tips on safe photo sharing to steps to take if your child experiences cyber-bullying; parents and teachers who attended Life Education NSW’s ‘Keeping Kids Safe Online’ event benefited from up-to-date expert advice about cybersafety.

To help parents and carers better understand the risks their children face online, Life Education NSW, with the support of ClubsNSW, held a free information evening last Wednesday for parents and teachers at its centre in Colyton, Sydney.

Presented by head educator Lisa Woodward, topics included cyberbullying, online stranger danger, photo sharing and image-based abuse, accessing inappropriate content, sharing personal information online, balancing time online, and safe and respectful online behaviour.

School teacher and youth group volunteer Ziyad Serhan attended the event and said he was surprised to hear about the amount of accessibility young people have to social media these days.

“I was blown away by the statistic that, by the age of 10, 60 per cent of kids are on social media – some as young as 7-8 years old. My younger brother, who is 11, spends a lot of time online making videos. Understanding online safety and the precautions you can take is so important,” Mr Serhan said.

ClubsNSW spokesperson Trent Sutton also attended the evening and said the practical education delivered by the team at Life Education NSW will have a significant positive impact on the health and wellbeing of kids across the state.

“Evidence shows that cyber-bullying doesn’t discriminate on age, gender or location, so as someone who has been through the Life Education program in a regional town, I’m personally thrilled to be involved in the partnership between Your Local Club and Life Education NSW for the delivery of this, and the many important programs and messages Healthy Harold and the team continue to deliver,” Mr Sutton said.

Parents who are interested in learning more about managing their children’s online behaviour can access Life Education’s free ‘Cybersafety for Parents’ vodcast series.

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