Monday, 27 Feb 2017

Online safety modules It’s Your Call and bCyberwise are now certified!

We are pleased to announce that Life Education has been approved by the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner as a certified provider of online safety programs in Australian schools.

In a practical sense, what this means is that schools will be able to access grant funding to have the Life Education online safety modules, It’s Your Call and bCyberwise, which weredeveloped in collaboration with Intel Security, delivered in their school. This is great news and means that more children than ever will have the opportunity to learn how to stay safe online, through the Life Education program.

Our accreditation comes at a time when parents are voicing concerns about how to keep children safe online, and protect them from cyberbullying. Research from our partner Intel Security has indicated that 67% of tweens (8-12 year olds) use social media including Skype, Facebook and Instagram. More than half (53%) of those children have witnessed cruel behaviour online, and a worrying 68% of teens have shared personal information online, demonstrating the need for cybersafety awareness for children, tweens and teens.

“We really value the positive role technology can have in educating and empowering children. It is crucial that from an early age children are taught how to use the internet to their advantage, safely and securely, as well as how best to deal with incidents such as cyberbullying,” says David Ballhausen, CEO Life Education Australia. “We are thrilled that our programs have been certified by the eSafety Commissioner and that soon more children will be able to benefit from our cybersafety modules and become responsible digital citizens.”

  • Safe and respectful behaviour online
  • Strategies to deal with face to face and cyberbullying
  • Responsible behaviours when using communication technology
  • Strategies for keeping personal information safe online
  • Building positive relationships with online and offline friends
  • Exploring the role of bystanders

Our online safety programs have been strongly endorsed in a recent evaluation of the Life Education program. All of the class teachers surveyed indicated that the class was run in an engaging and inclusive manner, the information provided was informative and presented in a way that resonated with students and provided them with strategies they could use to deal with situations that they may encounter online.

Class teachers are also supported with follow up activities that they can undertake with their class to help consolidate learning from the session. Parents are also involved in the process of learning about cybersafety, as children are given a take home piece in the format of a Chatterbox and the bCyberwise Monster Family app. This encourages children to engage in conversation with their parents about what they have learnt and closes the loop from school to home, and is supported further by our online material.

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