Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

Smoking - Let's Stay On the Case

Around 3.3 million Australians still smoke at least daily or weekly and 15,000 people die each year of smoking related illnesses.

The National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018 states ‘the majority of smokers start smoking as teenagers’ and has as its first objective ‘to prevent the uptake of smoking’.

Encouragingly most young people are aware of the health risks associated with smoking and in the future many of them will choose not to smoke. However, some will find themselves confronted with decisions about smoking or in situations where they are exposed to smoking, and therefore it’s important that they have the facts, skills and strategies they need to make healthy choices.

Life Education with the support of Dick Smith Foods as well as The Harry Triguboff Foundation and The Raymond E Purves Foundation has developed On the Case - a tobacco education program for Upper Primary students. New for 2014, On the Case will be delivered by our educators in our unique mobile classrooms in over 3,000 schools across Australia each year.

Students will join Mac McHardy, a time travelling detective, and his sidekick Conan as they gather evidence to persuade McHardy’s great, great granddaughter not to take up smoking. Set in a world of futuristic steam powered machines students travel through time to collaborate and explore -

What’s in a cigarette?

  • Physical and environmental effects of smoking
  • History and laws relating to tobacco
  • Myths and facts about smoking
  • Strategies to reduce harm
  • Strategies to reduce harm from second hand smoking
  • Reasons why young people chose not to smoke.

Life Education has also launched The Smoky Case - a free application game the game can be used as a classroom activity or for homework. Parents can get involved. Available for iOS and android tablets, The Smoky Case consolidates the tobacco education messages shared elsewhere in this program.

You can find out more about On the Case in the video below.

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