Sunday, 26 Oct 2014

Ocsober 2014 - 5 days to go!

With only five days to go until Ocsober 2014 finishes, we are calling for final donations to help us reach our  $1,000,000fundraising target.

“In these final days, we are asking all Australians to donate to support the thousands of participants who have given up alcohol during Ocsober and contributed so much to raising vital funds for our Aussie kids,” says Michael Fawsitt, Life Education Queensland CEO.

Ocsober participant Shannon is one of the thousands of Australians who signed up for Ocsober this year. “It's important to reinforce the concept of willpower and the power of choice, especially in a society that socially accepts alcohol and unhealthy living as part of everyday life,” she says. “It's our role to show the younger generation that we have a choice and show our support not just through our words but also through our actions”.

Like Shannon, Ocsober participant Amy has signed up to find her willpower and help raise money for Life Education. “I am doing Ocsober because I want to be a better role model for my children. Education is key to the use/abuse of alcohol, it starts in the home and with Life Education our kids can be totally informed,” she says.

Visit the Ocsober website and click on the DONATE button to help raise money for Life Education, the Australian charity behind Health Harold. Fundraising remains open throughout November.

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