Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018

New ‘Relationship Module’ really connects with the Media

The new ‘Relate Respect Connect’ Module was launched in conjunction with Term 1 in schools this year amid a blaze of reporting in both printed and online news publications as well as electronic media. It is now being delivered in schools right across Australia.

‘Relate Respect Connect’ aims to show young people in Years 5, 6 and 7 that creating respectful relationships, not blaming people, is the key to preventing bullying, both online and face to face. Parents too are being encouraged to extend their children's learning at home, with Parent Tip Sheets provided as important conversation starters. These Tip Sheets cover topics including:

  • Helping children to manage disagreements
  • Helping children to develop self-respect
  • Explaining how children should respond to unsafe or disrespectful relationships
  • Teaching empathy, which in turn helps children to make friends more easily and manage shyness and social anxiety

The issue of bullying and the impact of online or ‘cyber-bullying’ in particular have been hot topics in the media this year. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has even publically led the call for an end to juvenile bullying. And an online poll conducted by Life Education in partnership with Hyundai Help for Kids, has revealed that an overwhelming 95% of the more than 2,200 Australian parents surveyed, rated online safety as “very important”, with 5% rating it as “somewhat important”. Not a single parent considered it to be unimportant or a non-issue. So news of ‘Relate Respect Connect’ was of instant interest to journalists and editors.

Co-funded by donations to the Life Education Foundation and a grant from Gandel Philanthropy, ‘Relate Respect Connect’ is a unique, contemporary learning experience. The centrepiece of the module is a highly engaging, seven-part video series presented by a dynamic young woman named Bethany who stresses the importance of valuing each other.

Life Education’s NSW CEO, Kellie Sloane said: “As an example, there is more to cyber-bullying than just teaching children how to block the culprits. Right across our community there is a need to promote tolerance and respect.

Children are going to come across people with whom who they don’t agree or who don’t make them feel good. ‘Relate Respect Connect’ equips them with skills including how to respectfully manage disagreements, develop self-respect and empathy and respond to disrespectful behaviours.

Kellie Sloane, CEO Life Education NSW

Life Education CEO, David Ballhausen and NSW CEO, Kellie Sloane were interviewed on TV programs including ABC News and The Morning Show, many national and regional radio shows and across countless print and online channels.

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