Monday, 06 Oct 2014

MoodGYM: Self-help mental health

To kick-start a national conversation about mental health across the wider community, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is launching Mental As, a week of distinctive programming for Mental Health Week, 5-12 October 2014.

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, where you live, or your income bracket, mental illness affects us all in one way or another. Half of all Australians will experience a mental health issue directly, while many others (carers, families, friends and colleagues), will live with or witness its impact. It is an issue for us all.

MoodGYM is an Australian website that started in Australia as a trial to treat depression in 2001. It has achieved international recognition and now operates in six languages.

"MoodGYM is an online self-help method of basically doing talk therapy without a person involved," Professor Griffiths said.

"It is based on a method known as cognitive behaviour therapy which we know worked face-to-face, and we now know works when you convert it to an online format in automated form."

"It was extremely unusual at the time, and people told us that it would never work and no-one would come to MoodGYM."

However, today more than 800,000 people from 222 countries are registered to use MoodGYM to review their thinking and improve their mood.

Please visit the MoodGYM website for more information.

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