Monday, 31 Aug 2015

Make a difference this October!

Lose the booze to help Aussie kids!

That’s what we are asking thousands of Australians, who will participate in this year’s Ocsober campaign, to do. Among them are Ocsober Ambassadors Angry Anderson, Professor Gordian Fulde, Georgie Gardner, Natalie Gruzlewski, Kellie and Matt Hayden, Brooke Nichole Lee, Steve Moneghetti, Jacinta Tynan, Peter FitzSimons and the Australian Baseball League.

Now we’re challenging you to join us for 31 alcohol free days – all to raise money for vital drug, alcohol and health education.

Ocsober is Life Education’s annual fundraising event, with a goal to raise $700,000 to empower 700,000 Aussie kids to live a safer, healthier life. But as well as helping to improve the lives of children, it’s also a great way to kick-start your own journey towards a healthier you. In fact, more than 80% of last year’s participants told us that they experienced significant health benefits from their month of abstinence.

Here are our top five reasons why you should lose the booze and help raise money for Aussie kids:

Improve your health. Start getting into shape for summer. Swap a glass of wine or beer for water instead, and use the month to kick-start a healthier, fitter you.

Raise money for Aussie kids. Help raise $700,000 so Life Education, with the support of their iconic giraffe mascot Healthy Harold, can empower 700,000 Aussie kids through its health education programs, which teach children to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices.

Save money! Australian households spend an average of $32 a week buying alcohol.

Lose weight and ‘Detox’ before summer. What better time to give your body some TLC than just before summer. Use this time to focus on getting fit and healthy before the summer season arrives.

Do it for yourself. Prove to yourself and others that you can go for one month without alcohol, and that you can also have fun without it!

Register now and join participants around Australia in losing the booze this Ocsober.

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