Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Life Education is ‘On the Case’ for World No Tobacco Day 2016

Smoking - Let's stay ‘On the Case’ and prevent smoking for World No Tobacco Day

As we recognise World No Tobacco Day on the 31st May, which encourages people across the globe to abstain from all forms of tobacco, Life Education has gone one step further and looked at ways that we can provide resources to empower children to make informed decisions when faced with choices around smoking.

In Australia we are seeing a trend of ‘smoking on the decline’ from 2010 to 2013, ‘200,000’ people stopped smoking and ‘daily smoking halved’. Though there are many factors that contribute to this, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing such as the enforcement of plain packaging and the high cost for tobacco, we believe education plays a key part too.

Our Educators have visited over 32,000 students each year providing Educational preventative tobacco programs to children aged 10 to 18, as well as offering ‘Indigenous Tobacco Education’ to communities for the healthy development of their children and young people. In interviews with these students they made comments such as “smoking smells really bad” and it “kills your lungs-pretty stupid” and that it is “my choice and I don’t want to be like that- I have a dream” On top of that we have had over 5600 downloads of ‘The Smoky Case’ here.    

Encouragingly most young people are aware of the health risks associated with smoking and in the future we believe many of them will choose not to smoke. However, some will find themselves confronted with decisions about smoking or in situations where they are exposed to smoking, and therefore it’s important that they have the facts, skills and strategies they need to make healthy choices.

You can find out more about On the Case here and The Smoky Case game and download it for your device here.