Thursday, 14 Jul 2016

Launching 5 Exciting New Modules for Junior Primary

Launching 5 Brand New Modules for Junior Primary Students. 

We're very excited to launch our 5 brand new modules, 'My Body Matters', 'Harold's Friend Ship, 'Ready, Steady, Go!', 'Safety Rules!' and 'Growing Good Friends' for our Junior Primary Students.

Available now, our new modules will include a new dynamic visual style through CGI animation featuring Life Education's much loved iconic mascot Healthy Harold and his new friends Boots and Red.

What's included in our new modules:

An interactive student centred session

  • 3D Animation as an effective and entertaining form of storytelling
  • Playful, engaging and entertaining storylines providing a strong platform to explore relevant health contexts
  • Vox Pops, Infographics, discussion, quizzes, live action video, problem-solving

Online teacher and student resources

  • Lesson Plans
  • Online interactive activities
  • Links to the Australian curriculum and other resources
  • Helpful background information

Full colour, A4 student workbook

  • Including creative learning activities that cater to different learning styles
  • Problem-solving, safe decision making, matching, reflection, explanation, cutting & pasting, designing & drawing

Online Parent/Carer resources

  • An introduction to the modules and what was covered
  • Interviews with health experts
  • 3 downloadable posters with activities to extend the learning at home
  • Links to further information about topics covered in each module¬†