Monday, 17 Oct 2016

It's not too late to join Ocsober!

Now is the time to give your body a break and reap the benefits from an alcohol free month.

A recent Australian study has found that abstaining from alcohol for a month in the name of charity can lead to long term benefits.

The study, published in the journal Health, found that taking a break from drinking allowed people to experience for themselves the role that alcohol plays in their lives and their social circles, which facilitated long term behavior change.

“The important part about these temporary sobriety initiatives is that they let participants meet their ‘sober selves’, and actually feel the differences for themselves – and not just hear about them in an abstract or moralising way,” study author, Dr Robert from the University of Technology Sydney said. “In some cases, the results were profound.”

“Our study also found that participants experienced measurable results, such as weight loss, and saving money by not drinking,” Dr Robert said.

“I would definitely recommend people try these initiatives. There is virtually no downside and huge potential for positive results and change. Where motivation might be a problem, challenging someone to do it might be a solution.”

It’s not too late to join Life Education’s ‘Ocsober’ campaign, which officially kicked off October 4.

The campaign encourages Australians to stay sober and take a break from the booze for the month of October to help raise money for Aussie kids to participate in vital health and drug education.

Life Education NSW CEO Kellie Sloane said the study findings were encouraging and hoped that it prompted more people to become involved.

“This year Life Education aims to raise $700,000 during Ocsober to teach 640,000 Aussie kids in over 3,400 schools each year about the importance of healthy living and the effects of alcohol and drug misuse,” Ms Sloane said.

“Having taken part in Ocsober myself, I know first-hand the benefits that going sober for a month can have for personal health and wellbeing. It’s a win-win situation.”

To sign up to Ocsober, visit

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