Thursday, 27 Feb 2014

Meet the bCyberwise Monster Family

The bCyberwise Monster Family, an educational game for iOS and android phones and tablets, makes learning about online safety fun and easy for kids, parents and teachers.

Available for phones and tablets on both the Apple iOS and Android platforms the bCyberwise game covers three main themes for kids:

  • Responsible online behaviour – Children’s online behaviour becomes entrenched very early on and age-specific cybersafety education in the middle primary years will prepare children for the situations they will face on-line as teenagers
  • Cybersafety – Digital media has become an important and mostly positive aspect of the education, leisure and social lives of today’s children, but it’s important to be aware that it also poses some risks to the safety and wellbeing of Australian children
  • Cybersecurity – Life Education are providing the opportunity for young children to develop skills and strategies to deal with the potential issues they could experience online

The bCyberwise Monster Family game has been designed to be child-friendly, so it doesn’t contain ads, integration with social networks, or use any analytics or data collection tools. It also doesn’t feature any in-game purchases — so this is a game that’s truly dedicated to educating the kids of Australia.

bCyberwise: cyber safety app for kids

The game will be incorporated as a free resource for school educators to support the bCyberwise module. The game content aligns with the Australian Curriculum; Health and Physical Education and English learning areas, and Information and Communication Technology capability.

The bCyberwise Monster Family game can be used as a classroom activity or a homework task, with students returning to the game in their own time on their own devices. Parents can access the game, play it with their children to learn about cybersafety together.

The online safety lessons and themes built into the bCyberwise Monster Family game reinforce messages from the bCyberwise school program and include topics such as protecting your personal information, positive respectful communication, how to deal with cyberbullying, seeking help from trusted adults, and safe behaviours when using the internet.

The next step in integrating digital technology into the Life Education Program to deliver important messages to children and parents in a fun and accessible way. 

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