Monday, 27 Feb 2017

Insights from Q&A panellists

What an interesting discussion last night on ABC for the first Q&A of 2016! The panel gathered various influential Australians and Australians of the Year, and the debate ranged from Australia Day, gender equality, the place of sportsmen as roles model and the misuse of alcohol and domestic violence.

The panellists reminded Australia how unfortunately alcohol-related behaviours often result in brutality and panellist David Morrison described domestic violence as “the greatest social challenge we face”.

As panellist Manal Younus said: “drinking is such a huge part of Australian culture, which can be “quite destructive”. And “Through broader education...we need to change our perspective on alcohol”

Some measures have already been put in place, such as the lockout in Sydney, and according to Gordian Fulde, since the implementation of this measure he has seen a 25% drop in serious injuries due to alcohol over the weekend period thanks to these laws. But as Australia’s Local Hero 2016 Catherine Keenan said. “Even if it has gone down, it is still not okay.”

At Life Education, we believe that preventative education is essential for instigating a cultural change around alcohol consumption in young Australians. By empowering our children and young people to make safer and healthier choices through education from a young age we believe we can influence people’s attitude to alcohol abuse and prevent damaging alcohol-related behaviours in the future.

As David Morrison concluded “We are all stretched to deal with this but if we don’t deal with it, what is the legacy we leave for those who follow us?”

It is our purpose at Life Education to ensure that the legacy we’re going to leave to our children is a bright one.