Friday, 01 Sep 2017

Healthy Harold joins Teddy Bear Picnic in Darwin

Healthy Harold recently had a fabulous time at the Teddy Bear's Picnic during the 2017 Darwin Festival. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and children of all ages ran around the Esplanade with their teddies, dragging their parents, guardians and friends about from one activity to another. There were so many fun activities from arts and craft to watching local and national acts on stage.

Harold was very busy walking around meeting children, youth and adults too. He was jumping with joy, giving high fives to so many little people and their beloved teddies as well as posing for plenty of photos. How nice it was to feel so welcomed in such a happy, friendly atmosphere.

As Darwin is a tropical place, Harold took a cue from the children and had numerous breaks to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated in the hot and sunny weather. Harold knows water is always best.

Having been in the Northern Territory for 30 years, Harold was very excited to see his friends, both new and old, at the Teddy Bear's Picnic. How tall they have grown since their school days - but not as tall as Harold, with his long neck!

He was also impressed with the St John Juniors and Cadets who did a marvellous job looking after the First Aid needs of any people that required assistance at the picnic. What troopers they were to volunteer at such a busy event.

The morning wrapped up with the children walking in a parade onto the stage with their much loved teddies, dolls and softies. Harold forgot to bring a teddy as he was in such a rush to get there and play, but he can't wait to join Big Ted again at next year's Teddy Bear's Picnic because it's definitely one of the year's highlights for children living in the Top End.