Monday, 07 Jun 2021

Healthy Harold driving dairy education in schools

Dairy Australia announces its partnership with Life Education to educate and engage Aussie kids about the importance of getting enough dairy each day

  • Life Education’s Healthy Harold will bring interactive dairy education to Aussie classrooms
  • Recent study found that over 1 in 10 Aussie school kids believe yoghurt grows on trees (1)
  • 60 per cent of school-aged students are not getting enough dairy during critical time for bone growth (2)

Dairy Australia is partnering with Life Education, home of beloved mascot Healthy Harold, to promote the importance of including enough dairy in the diets of children nationwide.

A CSIRO study has found eight out of 10 Aussie kids are not meeting the recommended serves from the dairy food group (2).

Kicking off this week, Life Education and Dairy Australia will be sharing the nutritional benefits of dairy foods such as milk cheese and yogurt, educating kids about the dairy industry and how much dairy they need each day to ensure the adequate daily intake.

Dairy Australia’s Schools Engagement Advisor, Jennie Annand said: “Both Dairy Australia and Life Education share a common goal to educate Australian children so they can make healthier, more informed lifestyle choices – so we’re incredibly excited to be joining forces to bring dairy education to more Aussie schools.”

Through this program we not only want to educate Australian children on the importance of dairy for growing bodies, but also where our dairy comes from and the hardworking Aussie dairy communities who ensure we have fresh, nutritious milk to drink every day.

Dairy Australia’s Schools Engagement Advisor, Jennie Annand

Dairy Australia Nutritionist, Cath Gordon highlighted the importance of incorporating nutritional education into the school curriculum.

“Milk plays such an essential role in the growth and development for children’s teeth and bones, so it’s important to educate on the health benefits of dairy as part of a balanced diet through these formative years.”

“It’s fantastic to see Dairy Australia and Life Education coming together to deliver a program that is not only educational and informative, but also engaging and interactive. Healthy Harold is sure to create a memorable experience for students that will having a lasting effect well beyond the classroom,” Gordon said.

Life Education CEO Kellie Sloane welcomed the integration of Dairy Australia’s messages into LE’s program resources,

“Program resources are critical in embedding the learning after a Life Ed visit to schools,” Ms Sloane said. “We are proud to have delivered informative and engaging education programs to Australian children since 1979, and we are always looking for new ways to enrich our offering with Dairy Australia’s valuable contribution.”

Alongside the Life Education’s program resources, teachers and parents can also easily access Dairy Australia’s free curriculum-aligned resource hub Discover Dairy -– which houses a comprehensive range of tools including curriculum-aligned inquiry units, activity ideas, videos, worksheets and games to support students on their dairy learning journey.

To visit Dairy Australia’s Discover Dairy online hub, visit

1 Primary Industries Education Foundation (2011) Food, Fibre and the Future: A report on surveys of teachers and student’s knowledge and understanding of primary industries.
2 ABS, Australian Health Survey. Ref: Australian Bureau of Statistics. 4364.0.55.012. Australian Health Survey: Consumption of food groups from the Australian Dietary Guidelines, 2011-2012. Canberra 2016.

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