Thursday, 19 Mar 2015

Hawthorn Football Club Family Day 2015

Hawthorn Football Club Family Day – 15th March 2015

Healthy Harold and the Life Education team were invited to join in the festivities of the Hawthorn Football Club Family Day at Glenferrie Oval.

The Mobile Learning Centre (MLC) was on hand at the oval so people could have a wander through and learn more about Life Education – although most people had heard of us and others were heard to reminisce about their time “in the Life Ed Van”.

One of our national partners, Bupa, was on site next to us to promote the Bupa Family Challenge. Harold had a great time on the day walking around with the Bupa team and being at the MLC with team players signing autographs and having photos taken – and the occasional photo bomb.

A highlight of Harold’s day was crawling up on elbows and knees the inflatable slide stairs and then sliding down with cheers from the crowd.

A special thanks to Grant Robertson, Suzy Small, Wendy Todd and Yolanda Polderman for volunteering their Sunday to help spread the Life Education message.