Saturday, 03 May 2014

Harold's Day Out In Launceston

Harold has spent a day out in Launceston, dealing with some housekeeping matters as well as meeting the public and pressing the flesh around the CBD.   As always, secretary and carer, Jenni Perkins, accompanied Harold on his day out. First visit was to Daisy Fresh Dry Cleaners, owned by Matt Bowen, who look after Harold and keep him clean and fluffy.  Pictured below with Harold is Chris, Matt and Joy. Joy is a specialist in antler repair (Harold occasionally gets them caught on tree branches!)

Harold, of course, hails from Africa and it has been some time since he last visited.  Harold is pictured above at Harvey World Travel arranging his next trip home.

As it was a busy day, Harold dropped by Chung Gon fruiterers for a banana fix before heading off to Petrarch's bookshop where he bought the latest book on Giraffes in Africa.

Finally, Harold stopped by Alberto's hair stylists for a mane trim.

The last photo is a classic.

Harold met this lady, mother of two, one of whom was a little angel and the other a little devil. Such was the influence that she had her arms and calves tattooed as a permanent reminder of her children.

Harold said that he may well have been able to sort out the 'little devil', had he had the opportunity to visit her school!

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