Saturday, 03 May 2014

Recognising Bob Ellicott

Working with Ted Noffs from his base at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross was one Bob Ellicott-QC, Past Solicitor General of Australia, Attorney General in the Fraser Ministry, Federal Court Judge 81/83 – just to name a few of his qualifications.

This year we would like to honour Bob and pay tribute to his commitment, and the enormity of his contribution to Life Education for over thirty years.

Bob Ellicott’s involvement with Life Education began with his support to the Ministry of the Wayside Chapel and its pastor the Rev Ted Noffs in the mid-seventies.  He was on the board of the Wayside Chapel and helped Ted connect with some influential people when the Life Education program started in the Wayside Chapel.

As local communities all around Australia started to raise money to develop a mobile classroom and employ and train educators, to book schools and start delivering the Life Education program it became obvious that some structure needed to be built. Bob provided the wisdom and oversight for the establishment of affiliated state agencies as well as a unifying national entity.

More importantly, Bob was on hand when he was really needed, because in 1987, Ted Noffs suffered a massive stroke, and was disabled thereafter until his death in 1995. Thankfully Bob was a constant through this extremely turbulent period. He was appointed as Chairman of Life Education Australia in 1991. A role which he held for 14 years. He was instrumental in building the Colyton Centre with the financial support of the Wran Government and Dick Smith. Under his leadership, the organisation expanded into the building of the mobile classrooms at its own manufacturing facility at Frenchs Forest and the export of the program to the UK, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Since his retirement from the chairman’s role in 2004 Bob has remained on the board of Life Education Australia providing wise counsel and support to the executive as well as his fellow directors.

In addition to his support of Life Education, Bob has also made an enormous contribution to the work of the Wayside Chapel.

I can think of no finer, more worthy recipient of this Award than Bob Ellicott.

Tony Hasham, Chairman Life Education Australia