Monday, 22 Sep 2014

Harold on Fire but NOT smoking!

This was a relief.  The smoke, although irritating, did not damage  any of the internal offices, class room, or our Pro Hart original mural.  ‘Thank God’!  The source of the fire was a fault in the motor driving the air conditioner.  Of course, the building was not able to be occupied for work or school classes, which had been scheduled in our classroom .   The power was down, no lights or computers.

The bright spark, if you will pardon the pun, was our Educator, Janet Jakobsson, who had scheduled classes from Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School in St Marys.  Of course, we cancelled the school classes, but Janet was not to be deterred.  Harold, must deliver the mail.  So she and big Harold visited the St Marys school and Harold went to every class in the school advising that while the Colyton building was damaged, Healthy Harold was safe and his message even safer.  Imagine the excitement of the children.

How fantastic it is to have committed, dedicated staff like Allan Thomas, who put in a 20-hour day yesterday, and I spoke to him before 7.00 am this morning.  And, of course, our creative and passionate Educator Janet who seized the opportunity.  A Catholic priest friend of mine once said:  ‘Let us not curse the darkness, but let us light a candle’. 

We are grateful for the commitment and dedication of our staff and the safety of our children, not to mention the quick response by our local Fire Brigade. The "Fireies" paid us a courtesy follow up visit today to check everything was ok Harold had to come out and say "thank you" and check out the truck of course!