Thursday, 22 Apr 2021

Hand sanitisers now a safety staple for Australian families

A new survey by Life Education Australia has found almost three quarters of Australian parents are keeping hand sanitisers within easy reach, despite concerns of complacency over hygiene and COVID-19.

The survey found 96% of Australian families have improved their hand hygiene habits in the past year, leading to an 85% increase in their use of hand sanitisers.

Life Education Australia CEO Kellie Sloane said the findings indicated Australian families were maintaining a high level of vigilance even as locally-acquired COVID-19 case numbers declined.

It’s encouraging to see Australian mums and dads are still taking steps to protect the health of their family and community


“More than seven out of every ten parents are making sure they are proactively washing their hands or using hand sanitisers when out and about.”

87% of parents also recognised the importance of using and storing hand sanitisers mindfully, but the survey did highlight a need for more education around the safe use of sanitisers, finding:

-      80% of parents aren’t confident they are using and storing hand sanitisers safely

-      76% of parents aren’t consistently storing sanitisers safely, overlooking bottles in bags or on tabletops within young children’s reach

-      30% of parents didn’t realise young kids can mistake hand sanitisers as food or drink

-      Fewer than 20% were confident they knew what to do if a child ingested hand sanitiser

Ms Sloane appealed to parents not to overlook the importance of safely storing all household disinfectants and cleaners.

“When used correctly, hand sanitisers are safe and effective, but as we’ve seen with medicines and other household products, younger kids can mistake hand sanitisers as food or drink.”  Ms Sloane said.

With 70% of parents indicating they want more information about hand sanitiser safety, Life Education Australia, in partnership with Consumer Healthcare Products Australia, has developed a short video with six practical tips for keeping healthy hands.

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