Thursday, 07 Apr 2016

First Souths Cares program

The Year 5 and 6 class from Blackett Public School attended the first official South Cares session at Colyton. Educator, Sally Fletcher writes:

“For most of the students it was their first encounter with Life Education.

In fact, one teacher mentioned that they never go anywhere so it has a real treat to come.

The classes were exceptional, fun and engaged.

The groups loved the classroom and happily participated in discussion and activities. They shared their dreams and many reasons not to smoke.

I had a chance to use our new Indigenous resources, with both groups and they are fantastic. It has been one of those days where I remember how blessed I am to work for this great organisation and how fantastic it is to have South Cares on board to enable these students – who, otherwise would not have been able to afford the class - to have this opportunity. The teachers and students were very thankful and happy.”