Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018

Extending our impact with Bio Island

As part of their commitment to the health of Australian families, we are delighted that Bio Island has extended their partnership with Life Education.

Bio Island will continue as the sponsor of our Mind Your Medicine module, helping Life Education empower more than 50,000 Australian children each year to better understand medicines; how they help and affect our bodies, why people need them, as well as promoting their safe use. Extending this crucial work, Bio Island has become our Preschool Wellness Partner.

Bio Island is pleased to be working with Life Education to build the capacity of children to make safer and healthier choices, particularly in promoting the safe use of medicines and empowering families with relevant nutrition and wellbeing advice.

General Manager of Bio Island, Amanda Fox

As our Preschool Wellness Partner, Bio Island will share their expertise with our community of families, children and educators, with a strong focus on nutrition and wellness. As a first step, Bio Island is helping families better understand micronutrients – calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin D – through our Micronutrients and your children series of online resources.  

"We are delighted to extend our partnership with Bio Island. This partnership enables the ongoing development of Life Education’s primary and preschool programs and strengthens our commitment to providing children and their families with relevant knowledge and skills to make informed choices for a safer and healthier life." CEO Life Education Australia, David Ballhausen.