Monday, 06 Feb 2017

Exciting new partnership with Bioisland

We are excited to announce that we have a new national partnership with Bioisland.

Bio Island is a Sydney based brand which supplies a range of nutritional products, suitable for the whole family. We are dedicated to providing your family with high-quality Australian made nutritional supplements by helping children and adults achieve the best possible health and to promote a healthy lifestyle. As a provider of health care products, Bioisland would like everyone to be well-informed and make wise choices about the use of medicines.

Their mission is to deliver intelligent, trustworthy products because everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle and their vision is to be part of everyone’s family.

Together with Bioisland, we aim to provide new and updated educational materials through our modules focusing on informed choices for medicines, providing an independent and accessible resource for students and parents. Bioisland is also eager to support us with digital content, that will make relevant information more accessible for educators.