Sunday, 15 Feb 2015

Education; crucial for preventing dangers associated with smoking

The Cancer Council in WA has launched a powerful new campaign which uses hard-hitting and graphic imagery to show the shocking effects of cancers related to smoking.

New research has shown that 61% of non-smokers could name one or two smoking related cancers, however, worryingly that fell to 39% of smokers.

The accompanying video, which will be shown across Western Australia, shows five of the cancers caused by smoking; lung, bowel, bladder, throat and stomach.

Speaking about the new ’16 Cancers’ campaign Terry Slevin, Cancer Council WA’s Director of Education and Research said, ‘this campaign is challenging and confronting , but that is simply because the facts about smoking and cancer are challenging and confronting… this is an old fashioned health education campaign that just tells it like it is’.

The good news is these campaigns are beginning to work with smoking rates among adults now around 13%, compared with 40% in the 1970s.

At Life Education, our ‘On the Case’ module works to help children understand the risks associated with smoking and empower them with the skills to be able to make safer and healthier decisions when confronted with choices around smoking later in life.

We want to continue to see smoking rates decrease and believe that education from an early age is the key to continue this downward trend, especially as the period of greatest uptake in smoking starts in early adolesce. This is why we have also created a fun, free, educational, app, based on the ‘On the Case’ module, helping time travelling detective Mac McHardy explore the facts and find hidden clues to solve the case of why smoking is unhealthy. The app has been designed to work in the home as well as in schools and is freely available for everyone, parents, teachers, carers and guardians. It is available to download on Android and Apple devices. (hyperlink)

Find out more about Life Education and how your school can receive the ‘On the Case’ module

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