Sunday, 02 Nov 2014

Eating out with kids

As most parents and carers know, going to a cafe or restaurant with young children can pose a number of potential problems.

The approach that two dining establishments have recently taken illustrates both sides of the issue.

First up there's Jodie Morris, the owner of The Little French Cafe in Broadmeadow, Newcastle.  Jodie recently caused an online uproar when she posted on her cafe's Facebook page advising parents with badly-behaved children to steer clear of her cafe.

You can view the Facebook post (which has since been deleted off the page) below:

Despite the social media storm, Jodie says the response had been overwhelming positive - and she stands by the post. 'Everyone's said oh you're going to lose so much business but we're the busiest we've ever been,' she told the Daily Mail Australia.

On the other side of the debate, there's Sydney’s Roosevelt Bar and Diner They've started a Parent’s Night every Wednesday where kids are not only welcome to come with their parents, they even provide a nanny to feed and entertain them in a private dining room.

The owner of the popular restaurant, Sven Almenning, said the move wasn't in response to the controversy over The Little French Cafe's child stance, it was borne out of a practical idea of wanting to eat out more often with his young family.

“We love going out for dinner and drinks, but found that trying to catch up with friends with kids was a juggling act between booking in sitters, trying to book in dinner and making sure everyone can make it.There is also some anxiety with some parents about leaving their kids with a strange sitter if they don’t have a regular sitter they can call on" he told

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