Thursday, 19 Nov 2015

Dr Anthony Lynham supports health education at Somerset Hills State School

Stafford MP Hon Dr Anthony Lynham recently attended Somerset Hills State School to show his support for Life Education’s health education program being delivered to a Year 5/6 class regarding understanding medicines and their safe use, and positive communication. Dr Lynham was presented with a plaque from Life Education Queensland to show their appreciation for being a patron of the children’s charity, and to acknowledge the support of the Queensland Government.

“Life Education’s program educates our young people to make healthier and safer choices,” said Dr Lynham. “Education is the key to creating healthy individuals and building a strong community. By educating children, we can prevent negative outcomes and help them to fulfil their potential.”

Before entering Parliament, Dr Lynham worked as a maxillofacial surgeon and continuously helped people who were dealing with the aftermath of violence. As a result, Dr Lynham was a prominent advocate of policies to minimise alcohol-fuelled violence.

“It is vital that we educate our children about how to live a healthy and safe life,” said Dr Lynham. “The statistics regarding alcohol in Australia are alarming - alcohol causes 15 deaths and 430 hospitalisations each day. And with nearly half a million Australians abusing prescription drugs, Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of legal drug abuse.

“Life Education plays a crucial role in prevention through education. I am delighted to be a patron of Life Education and spread the message of health.”

“Life Education aims to see a generation of healthy young Australians living to their full potential,” said Mr Fawsitt. “We are very fortunate to have the support of Stafford MP Dr Anthony Lynham and many members of parliament across the state. We are particularly pleased that our patron Dr Lynham has such an appreciation for the work we do as a result of his experiences as a maxillofacial surgeon and advocacy of policies to minimise alcohol-fuelled violence.

“Our partnership with Queensland Health has enabled Life Education to reach more schools in the Brisbane area. This year we will deliver a number of modules from our health education program to nearly 18,000 students across Brisbane’s state and independent schools, and early learning centres. We are into the third year of our agreement with the State Government which is enabling Life Education to expand across the state and deliver our program to even more students than ever before.

“We applaud the commitment of the leadership, teachers and parents at Somerset Hills State School to promote healthy living. We also commend the students for embracing the program wholeheartedly today.”

Janet Bannah, Somerset Hills State School’s Principal said, “Health education requires a whole of community response and the support from Life Education in delivering health and wellbeing education is invaluable. Our students strive for excellence in all aspects of school life and good health is the cornerstone of this.”