Thursday, 09 Jun 2016

Children are the winners in the ALCOA Partnership agreement in the town of Kwinana

Life Education WA is thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our partnership with ALCOA into 2017.

In January 2016 ALCOA management approved a new Community Partnership with Life Education WA for 2 years, and increased the funding from $10,000 in 2015, to $15,000 per year for 2016 & 2017. LEWA is very proud to be continuing this great partnership.

The extra support will allow the Primary School Students in all schools based in the town of Kwinana the opportunity of participating in Health Education at an early age through the Life Education program. Middle Primary aged children will learn all about personal safety, such as how to work through potential issues they may encounter in day to day life. They will also be taught our cybersafety modules bCyberwise and It’s Your your Call – these modulesteach children how to stay safe online and what to do if they encounter cyberbullying. Upper Primary school children will learn about the dangers associated with smoking, alcohol as well as legal and illegal drugs.

“ALCOA is pleased to support this positive drug and health education program aimed at strengthening the communities in which we operate,” stated Scott Thompson, ALCOA Kwinana Manager. It is this community spirit that inspired ALCOA to extend and increase their partnership with Life Education WA, with the results and support from the local Primary Schools in 2015 also greatly influencing the decision.

Richard Mader, D/PRINCIPAL of ORELIA PRIMARY SCHOOL stated the importance of the program to local school children and families:

“The programs are extremely relevant to the children, parents and broader school community. They are extremely relevant because the programs deal with drugs, bullying and other social issues that our students and families can face on a day to day basis.”

This sentiment was echoed by Maurice Giles, D/PRINCIPAL of LEDA PRIMARY SCHOOL.

“The programs are appropriately targeted to the Children’s level of development and understanding and provide opportunities for them to further develop their knowledge of healthy living and drug education.”

The Life Education program is carefully designed and delivered to empower children with the right amount of knowledge and information for their particular age group, it is through this knowledge and understanding that they can develop a sense of responsible and justified decision making towards happy and healthy lifestyles.

Tenae Brockhoff, TEACHER at KWINANA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, highlights how useful the follow up teacher pieces can be to reinforce ideas taught to the children in the program.

“The Life Education program is a wonderful interactive resource and tool to educate our students about healthy lifestyle choices. The program also provides follow up resources for teachers which we can use to reinforce these healthy concepts.”

Life Education Western Australia would like to thank everyone at ALCOA for their continued support, the town of Kwinana can continue to benefit from the Life Education program thanks to your generous support and community spirit.

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