Friday, 26 Oct 2018

Celebrating our educators

While Healthy Harold often steals the limelight at Life Education, the real stars of the show are our educators.

Every day they bring life and meaning to our 16 curriculum-aligned modules which empower children to make safer and healthier choices.

They travel vast distances right across NSW, reaching more than 280,000 children annually.

We asked two of our educators – one from the city, one from the country – to tell us about why they love the work they do…

Steph Vance

Steph Vance - Life Education Educator in the Riverina

Steph is an educator in the Riverina who loves "hearing kids say things like ‘I will never smoke’.”

Find out more about Steph

Natalie Belbin

Natalie Belbin is a Life Education Educator on the Northern Beaches

Natalie knows first hand the impact a Life Education visit can have and wants "the children I teach to have that same experience." 

Getting to know Natalie