Saturday, 18 Oct 2014

bCyberwise Monster Family game

Life Education recognises the importance of educating children about staying safe online. That's why we developed our 'bCyberwise’ module which focuses on cybersafety, cyber ethics and building positive relationships with friends online and offline.

Based on the 'bCyberwise’ module we've also created a free, fun, educational and interactive game called bCyberwise Monster Family for parents and carers to play together with their children.

In the game you learn how to use the internet safely, protect your personal information, recognise a safe website and be positive and respectful online.

Available for phones and tablets on both the Apple iOS and Android platforms the bCyberwise game covers three main themes for kids:

Responsible online behaviour – Children’s online behaviour becomes entrenched very early on and age specific cybersafety education in the middle primary years will prepare children for the situations they will face on-line as teenagers.

Cybersafety – Digital media has become an important and mostly positive aspect of the education, leisure and social lives of today’s children, but it’s important to be aware that it also poses some risks to the safety and wellbeing of Australian children.

Cyber security – Life Education and McAfee are providing the opportunity for young children to develop skills and strategies to deal with the potential issues they could experience online

Speaking about the bCyberwise game, Life Education Queensland CEO Michael Fawsitt said, “The bCyberwise Monster Family game is the next step in integrating digital technology into the Life Education Program ensuring we deliver important messages to children and parents in a fun and accessible way.”

Find out more about the game and download it to your device

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