Monday, 19 Dec 2016

A Parents Perspective

Andy’s Story – A parent’s perspective

All three of my children attended Broadbeach Primary School and Miami High. It would be more than 15 years ago since the eldest son attended the Life Education Centre. Following him was his sister and brother, 1 and 4 years later respectively. They are all now young adults and employed and living in the local area. I remember hearing about the Life Education Centre after each visit. Each one got something different out of it.  

Life Education help us raise more aware and better-adjusted kids.

Andy, father of three

They teach our kids about things most parents talk about anyway but the reinforcing nature of hearing the same advice in a different and caring way probably a more fun way can be the kind of advice that can stick with them forever.

At 25, 24 and 20 years of age, we have not had any major problems in our family. The kids have stayed away from bad choices and I believe that Centres like this help. In a world full of drugs, alcohol and bad choices I think every little piece of good advice helps. 

Father of three children who participated in Life Education programs throughout their schooling.