Thursday, 20 Mar 2014

About Us

Life Education WA is a community-based, independent organisation at the front line of positive and preventative drug and health education. Over 17,000 children take part in our programs each year. Helping young people make informed decisions about drugs and their health is at the heart of the program, which is driven by the popular Life Education mascot Harold the giraffe.

Specialist educators utilising their experience and training work with schools to develop programs to support the provision of best-practice drug education. Sessions are age specific and sequential with written and electronic resources provided to support both students and teachers in the delivery of ongoing drug education in their classroom. A visit to the mobile Life Education van facilitates the development of students' knowledge and skills to identify risks and make informed decisions.

In 2006, 98% of teachers recommended their school re-book the Life Education program.

Santa Maria College, Attadale

Life Education visited a previous school I was at and I found that the students responded well to the programs. Santa Maria’s Junior School was only founded in 2009, and Life Education visited in its first year. Through its program, our students are exposed to a number of healthy living choices and options in a very interactiveand non-threatening way. The information is well-founded and easy for the studentsto understand and internalise. The programs work in conjunction with those presently in use in the Junior School and their booklets are easy to use and visually appealing. The Life Education van and Healthy Harold offer a program which fits neatly into our plan of maintaining a healthy life style, be it for physical, emotional or mental health.
Ian Elder, Principal 

And from students
We love the Mobile Learning Centre and learning about a healthy life and body. We like Healthy Harold’s sense of humour and his tips on a healthy life style. Harold wants us to know about the problems of smoking or drug taking and about keeping a healthy life style, staying fit and loving giraffes! We learnt a lot about keeping fit and staying away from drugs and smoking.

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