Thursday, 20 Mar 2014

Life Education South Australia

Life Education South Australia (LESA) is a credible and trusted children’s charity providing specialised health and wellbeing education to 20,000 children and young people each year. With your help, we're aiming to reach 40,000 children by 2020.

Our primary focus is to reach children who need us the most, particularly those in regional, indigenous and disadvantaged communities to help develop tools to create a healthier future.

The Life Education program is designed to help children develop the knowledge, attitudes and values they need to make safer and healthier choices - now and into the future - with the belief that ‘it is easier to build strong children than it is to repair a broken one’.

We educate in an age appropriate way on important topics such as healthy eating; being active; the impact of alcohol use, smoking and illicit drugs; safe use of medicines; strategies to manage social pressures and respectfully navigate relationships both online, in the community and at home.

Facts and figures

Life Education South Australia:

  • is the largest non-government provider of drug and health education in South Australia.
  • maintains 6 Mobile Learning Centres and one direct delivery vehicle for pre-school, secondary and regional communities.
  • facilitates programs using the expertise of 6 full and part-time educators.
  • reach 20,000 children each year (and could reach many more with increased support).

Why do teachers value Life Education?

"Excellent CD, with notes in the manual. Great to use with our interactive whiteboard. Easy to use sheets, good content."  Loxton PS

"The motivational level it provides to student engagement and learning. The video presentations, the puppets and props are a valued asset to the van and the program it provides. The actual space of the van promotes excitement and the ability to have all the info displayed in a friendly and interactive manner."  Berri Primary School

"Presents information with a really important health message in a fun, interactive way that really engages students." Yr 4, St Marks Benedict College Pt Pirie

"Life Education is able to cover topics we wouldn’t usually tackle in class. It fits in perfectly with Drug Strategy work." Yr 6/7 O’Sullivans Beach Primary School

"As a site outside the classroom the content of the presentation becomes more stimulating and the students engage better, thereby a better chance of long term memory retention." Yr 6/7 Seacliff Primary School

"The quality of this resource is consistently high. I always feel completely comfortable having the children in my class participate in these activities, knowing that potentially sensitive topics are dealt with clearly, accurately and with care."  Yr 3, Westminster College

"I have never (over 20 years) of teaching been disappointed in the Life Education resources or educator."  Yr 6/7 Calvary Lutheran School

"Life Education is so engaging for students! The ‘hands on’ aspect is so important, the visuals, ICT, puppets etc are fabulous." Yr 3 Paralowie R-12

Why children love Healthy Harold

"I had a great time with you Harold. You are really, really cool. Thank you for letting me come on your adventure. I like how you told us how to solve problems. I enjoyed being in the caravan with you and your friends. You rock Harold!" Charli

"I liked my exciting time with you. Thank you for teaching me information about your super heroes – Littergator, Emergiman, Extinguisher and Mediminder. You were great." Jake

"Thank you for coming to visit us. I learnt that breakfast lasts longer than junk food." Bailey

"Thank you for coming to visit our school. I learnt how to ring for an ambulance successfully. My favourite part was watchi ng the super hero clip. How old is Harold?" Isaiah

"Thank you for coming to visit us. I really enjoyed it a lot. I learnt about what’s good to eat and what’s bad to eat." Courtney

"Thank you for letting us come to the Life Education van. Do you want to come again next year? We learnt not to touch broken glass on the beach. I will remember that in the summer." Mitchell

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