Sunday, 04 May 2014

A Giraffe's Best Friend

Astrid is a guide dog puppy that is living with teacher, Mrs Nevitt from Tucker Primary School, whilst undergoing her preliminary training. The children in her class help to train and take care of Astrid. She is a much loved member of the class and stays with the class, thus she got to visit Harold and Life Education Educator, Cara Robinson, in the Mobile Learning Centre.

We waited until the whole class, except for the three children looking after Astrid, had left the van for lunch, then Astrid was introduced to Harold. After an initial curious tap on Harold's nose, Astrid decided they were best friends and dove through Harold's curtain for a closer look!! The girls, Mrs Nevitt and myself were in tears with laughter, as Astrid reappeared through the curtain with Harold, gently held in her mouth!!  In fact she was so excited we had to take her guide dog coat off so I could hold her still for the photos.

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