I'm Your Body | SONG

Lyrics (Caswell)

I’m your brain, and I’m the boss
I’m in control, I call the shots
You’ve got a brain, so you can breathe
So you can eat and you can bleed
You can smile and feel a pain
‘Cos you’ve got me I’m your brain

You need me ‘cos I’m your heart
I make you stop, I make you start
I pump out blood with every beat
Up to your head, down to your feet
I’m pumpin’ life to every part
‘Cos I’m your heart

I’m tough and strong, ‘cos I’m your bones
I help you stand up on your own
I’m your skull and I’m your limbs
I’m your spine and I’m your ribs
I give your working parts a home
‘Cos I’m your bones

I’m your lungs and I inflate
With every single breath you take
I bring the oxygen you need
To burn up all the food you eat
And you need lungs without a doubt
To get the carbon dioxide out

I’m your body, I’m a machine
You keep me fit, you keep me clean
Food and drink, that’s my fuel
To feed my brain you go to school
So you better treat me right
I’m gonna last you all your life

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