I Can Always Rely On Me | SONG

From the Harold and Friends album, I Can Always Rely On Me is a melodic reminder for kids to believe in themselves. Perfect for bed or nap time or any other time you (or your children) need to relax.


I believe in me, I’m proud of myself
I can do what has to be done
As long as I can say that I’ve done my best
I don’t need to be number one
I may not be the tallest, the fastest, the smartest
In this vicinity
But if I need someone to rely on
I can always rely on me

I can always rely on me to get by
When things are looking grim
I can cheer myself up, get myself up
Till I’m back on my feet again

No one’s gonna give me the world on a plate
I’ve gotta make it on my own
Though I’ll need a little help along the way
At times I’ll have to stand alone
I may not be successful or special or famous
In all I try to be
But if I need someone to rely on
I can always rely on me.

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