We constantly review our program to ensure we are meeting the needs of today's children. While technology presents new challenges such as cyber safety, it also creates memorable learning experiences for our children.

Using groundbreaking 3D and augmented reality technologies, TAM-e helps children learn about the body including the effects of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

Customised and exclusive - Exclusively and specially designed for our needs, TAM-e helps engage students in the human body, its functions and the effects of substances, e.g. stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, on the body.

Interactive - Educators and students can touch, pinch, swipe, zoom, scrub on tablet devices and share their experiences on the media screen inside our Mobile Learning Centres.

Augmented reality - Students will be amazed when they see the body and its organs “come to life” and will love seeing what it looks like to dive inside the intestines

360-degree viewing - exploring the nervous, circulatory, digestive, urinary systems and associated organs from all angles to create a strong sense of amazement in the human body.

Simulation - 3D fly-throughs engage and highlight the impact that substances, food and drink, have on the body. 

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