Maintaining relevance in a changing world

Initially designed in 1979, our program is continually reviewed to meet the needs of today's children in our ever-changing community.

From the starry ceilings of our Mobile Learning Centres to the groundbreaking augmented reality software of TAM-e, technology has also helped Life Education to remain relevant while creating memorable experiences for Australian students.

  • TAM - 1980s

    Lit on demand and clearly visible through TAM’s clear plastic skin, students can discover and learn about the human body

  • Starry ceilings -1990s

    With the use of specially designed lights, children knew they were unique - truly one of a kind

  • bCyberwise - 2000s

    Developed to address the needs of children in the digital age. bCyberwise helps children understand responsible digital citizenship

  • TAM-e

    Using 3D and augmented reality fly-throughs of the human body, TAM-e helps children learn about the body including the effects of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.