Growing Good Gardens Grant winners: 2020

  • Seaforth Public School
  • Epping Views Primary School
  • Avenel Early Childhood Service
  • Pinnacle State School
  • Milingimbi School Garden
  • Highlands, Toowoomba
  • Gloucester Public School P&C Assoc.
  • Dunwich State School
  • Peregian Beach College
  • Wytaliba Public School

Growing Good Gardens Grant winners: 2019

  • Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School

    Students have designed and mini-greenhouses during STEM activities in an attempt to germinate seeds during a drought. They are learning how to make soil (compost) with coffee grinds from a local cafe.

  • Payne Road State School

    Our sustainability officer has been working with our environment club students in preparing for the new zootastic gardens including sourcing the tyres we need. The tyres arrived last week along with the plants and paints so we are now ready to commence putting our gardens together.

  • North Mandurah Primary School

    We have had our Fathering Project group assist with some of the planting of the garden, children have been heavily involved with installing new garden beds, moving mulch and soil into place, digging holes for fruit trees and vegetables along with watering and harvesting already.

  • Mareeba State School

    Proving that from little things big things grow, one of ten winners of the Growing Good Gardens Grant in 2019, Mareeba State School's garden has grown from strength to strength.

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  • Naracoorte North Primary School

    Our garden was developed to help kids with learning difficulties, move out of the classroom and into an open-air environment.

    The garden provides kids with room to learn in a pressure-free environment. The A.S.P.I.R.E Garden is named after our school values being Achievement. Self-management. Pride. Inclusivity. Respect. Empathy.

    The kids are learning new skills, the impact food has on health and energy and most of all having fun!

  • Albury High School

    We have taken on the rejuvenation of a desolate patch of ground in a highly visible part of our school grounds. Surrounded by kitchens and teaching spaces, the area was identified as having great potential as a productive teaching space. We ultimately hope to create a demonstration space to assist in educating students about sustainability, permaculture principles, and food production.

  • Birralee Kindergarten and Community Pre-School


  • Mansfield Kindergarten Incorporated, VIC

    In terms of learning, our key focus areas involve working together to collectively create a garden replica from a favourite story, to sustain interest and engagement in the project over a long period of time (commitment, focus, perseverance, collaboration, motivation, deep level learning), mathematical concepts involving measurement and growth, verbal articulation about the changes occurring, visual documentation including drawings and object manipulation, all supported by extension literature about plant life, life cycles and working together, and linking in with other learning experiences. We hope this garden is enjoyed by many kindergarten children in the years to come.

  • Cowes Primary School

    We are putting a strategic plan in place so that greens will grow and provide sustenance all year round. It will also provide stock for our school community pantry and the school’s breakfast club that serves students that do not have enough to eat.

  • Foster Primary School

    Students have started clearing existing garden beds and removing soil, in readiness to build better planter boxes and improve soil conditions.

    Students are excited and engaged by the upgrade process and their classes have incorporated Science aspects as well. Food produced will be sold at Farmers Market and used in kitchen program.

Growing Good Gardens Grant winners: 2018

  • Bendemeer Public School, NSW

    The students and teachers created the Exciting Eatables Garden, a sustainable garden where students are able to access and create from the produce being produced. Through this garden they will promote healthy eating by creating dishes and side dishes from the ingredients being grown.

  • Black Hill Primary School, VIC

    Their grant was used to fund the Straight From The Earth project to revamp Black Hill Primary School's vegetable gardens, orchard and sensory gardens. This helps educate other students in the school about the benefits of healthy eating, composting, using worm farms to provide natural fertilisers and recycling food waste.

  • Buzy Bee Kindy, NSW

    The Buzy Bee kindy team have created a garden area for the children to inspire them to appreciate fresh foods, create healthy eating habits, learn how to grow and care for fruit and vegetables, respect the environment and understand the concepts of waste, reuse and recycle, relish from the benefits of physical activity, and create a strong sense of self.

  • Carlingford West Public School, NSW

    The Regrow and Renew project has involved the whole school - over 1,400 students and  their teachers! They have been working towards creating a sustainable garden, by composting our ‘crunch n sip’ waste. Aiming to reduce the amount of waste we sent to landfill and become more environmentally aware.

  • Cranley House Nursery School and ELC, SA

    The school's project made possible by these funds was to teach through the garden project the skills of the paddock to plate process and to involve their chef and children in this daily process. The objectives are to include the community in this project by buying Australian made garden beds and purchase locally generated seedlings.

  • Dederang Primary School & Dederang Primary School Care, VIC

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Garden aims to bring the story of the hungry caterpillar to life through clever plantings of fruit and vegetables from the text. The project involves restoring our current vegetable garden beds to create an edible fruit/vegetable garden that supports the teaching and learning of healthy eating from 3year old kinder right through to upper primary school.

  • Highfields State School, QLD

    An interactive garden that everyone can be a part of to grow herbs, flowers, sensory plants etc and can exchange seeds for home/school. To encourage young gardeners to develop a love of the outdoors and what it can offer.

  • Forbes Primary School, SA

    The Forbes Garden of Wonder and Surprises will be a sensory garden for the children with special needs in the school. It will teach them life skills while developing their knowledge of food.

  • Katoomba Public School, NSW

    The Good Friends Patch will include “Let-it-Go Logs” where students can sit and let go of unhelpful emotions or thoughts, “The Uneven Road” to symbolise that life is full of ups and downs, “The Cross-over Bridge” to show students that they can make different choices, “The Sit-and-Think-Seat”, a quiet place to sit when you need to reflect or share quiet thoughts with a friend, “The Whisper-a-Wishing Well”, a focal point for students to set goals for themselves and to promote positive self-talk; and the “Buddy Bench” for when you need a friend. But most importantly it will be a  fun, fun, fun space for the children to enjoy with their friends.

  • Kahibah Public School, NSW

    Kahibah Public School’s Kitchen Garden project involves rejuvenating the school’s existing garden beds to grow fresh produce. Students will learn how to care for plants and be involved in the growing, harvesting, preparing and eating of fresh food produced in the garden.

  • Miami Primary School, QLD

    Miami Primary School's Vegetable Garden was in need of some love and care. With the help of the Growing Good Gardens Grant and the help of a gardening club with 60 student members, they'll turn it around into a beautiful learning space

  • Miranda Public School (Tuesday Garden Group), NSW

    Their lonely planter boxes are very run down. Some are completely empty and others are full of weeds. We want to fill them with a variety of veggies and fruit. 

    The Vibrant Veggie Zone encourages people to eat healthy, as we are planning to sell our harvested fruit and veggies to the school parents in the afternoons. It will also encourage our students to be active in maintaining the garden.

  • Mount Lewis Infants School, NSW

    The Mount Lewis Infants School Community Garden will be made more sustainable and they will also expand the range of activities we offer our students to learn about nutrition, food preparation, healthy eating habits and how food gets from the farm to the table.

  • Palmyra Primary School, WA

    With the funds that we received from Yates and Life Education, we have commenced the construction of an Edible Garden in the playground adjacent to the Kindergarten classrooms at Palmyra Primary School. We are hoping to achieve a clear link between this and the whole school approach to environmental awareness and sustainability

  • The Hall State School, QLD

    Harold’s Growing Good Friends Garden has given an opportunity for members of the school community and students to work together to plant and maintain the gardens. Students will be able to follow the journey from seed to harvest. They are very excited about this.

Winners were selected according to the grant guidelines and criteria. Thank you to all those who made an application. For more information, email