Garden Inspiration

If you don’t know where to start your garden or you’re looking for some inspiration, these ideas will help give you to visualise the type of garden you could start at your school or community group, as part of our ‘Growing Good Gardens Grants’ program.

  • Raised vegie patch

    It’s easy to grow healthy vegies in raised garden beds, including delicious cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, mouth-watering sweet corn and tender peas and beans.

  • Pizza garden

    Pizza is a delicious and fun food and there’s an easy way for kids to grow some healthy pizza toppings in their very own ‘pizza garden’.

  • Bee and Butterfly garden

    It’s wonderful to watch butterflies fluttering around the garden and great for kids to understand the lifecycle of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

  • ‘Crunch & SipĀ®’ garden

    Many schools have a designated time during the day where kids focus on eating a fresh fruit or vegetable snack.

  • Bush tucker garden

    Australia is fortunate to have a wide variety of edible native plants that produce delicious fruit or leaves.

  • Citrus orchard

    There is a fabulous range of citrus fruit that kids can enjoy, including sweet mandarins and juicy oranges.