Woolworths, helping Aussie kids make healthier food choices

It’s so important that kids eat a healthy serving of fruit and vegetables daily, and Woolworths are making it their mission to help kids not only eat healthier but enjoy it too!

What is Fresh Food Kids?

Fresh Food Kids is an initiative led by Woolworths and is aimed at encouraging kids to make healthy food choices, while also inspiring and supporting parents with plenty of quick, easy and nutritious meal ideas.

Woolworths Fresh Food Kids

From entertaining lunch box recipes and shopping tips for parents, through to playful videos showing kids what their favourite sporting heroes eat, Woolworths is on a mission to make healthy food; fun.

Discover exciting and fresh recipes and loads of fun (and healthy!) ideas for kids at Woolworths Fresh Food Kids.

Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours

To help form the next generation of Fresh Food Kids, Woolworths creates engaging and meaningful shared experiences. Their latest initiative is the introduction of in store and interactive Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours. Available nationwide, educators can bring their classrooms to their local Woolworths store to be led through a fun and informative program on fruit and vegetables.

Kids will be introduced to an array of fresh fruit and vegies, featuring the colours of the rainbow. Through sight, sound, touch and smell, they’ll enjoy a sensory experience with familiar - and some unfamiliar! - produce.

Learning about how and where fruit and veg grow, and what the benefits are of eating different fresh produce every day are just a few of the discoveries kids will make on this tour. With tours based around different age groups ranging from Early Learning Centres to grade six, and led by enthusiastic local Woolies team members, it’s the perfect activity for their next school excursion!

If you're a teacher looking for an engaging and educational adventure for your class, book a Fresh Food Kids Discovery tour today. If you’re a parent, why not chat with your children's teacher today about booking a tour for their class?

Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour bookings  

Discover the wonderful world of fresh fruit and veg

Download the Woolworths Fresh Food Discovery Tour flyer

Your school is invited to join us on Fresh Food Discovery Tours.

Helping the next generation of Fresh Food Kids, Woolworths creates engaging in store experiences for students of all ages.

Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour flyer