Trend Micro helps children to bCyberwise

Australian children are growing up in a world where being online is a normal part of daily life. As a National Partner of Life Education since 2020, Trend Micro continue to support and bolster our bCyberwise module.

Children are often referred to as technology pros but are still particularly vulnerable to online risks; viruses and ransomware to threats in social media, fake news, and cyberbullying. Complimenting Trend Micro’s own efforts to support parents, teachers, and young people, this partnership will allow Life Education to help prevent and address online risks and show students how to be responsible digital citizens.

With the support of Trend Micro's in-house expert, Lynette Owens, we are also excited to be sharing a range of empowering resources - stay tuned for more!

Parent resources

Trend Micro is helping Life Education to support Australian families

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