Healthy Harold

Lovable giraffe, caring and loyal friend and passionate advocate for the health and safety of all Aussie children and their families, Healthy Harold is an Australian icon.

Healthy Harold has been visiting kids in schools for decades

Alongside Life Education, Healthy Harold has been visiting schools for 40 years.

These visits are often remembered as “an amazing experience” and “one of the best parts of my school year” by students and a “fun, interactive way that really engages students” by teachers.

I have never (in over 20 years of teaching) been disappointed in the Life Education resources or educator.


Curious and inquisitive, Healthy Harold loves to learn new things. ‘Tech savvy’, he likes keeping up with his friends' via this website and his Facebook page.

Like many other Australians, being active is high on Healthy Harold’s favourites list, along with his friends health and safety. He loves being active and will give anything a go – soccer, basketball, judo, surfing, swimming, bike riding even ballet!

Happy students after a visit from Healthy Harold

For students lucky enough to have been visited by Healthy Harold, they would have also met TAM (Transparent Anatomical Mannequin). And now after 40 years of empowering children through health education, we have revamped one of our most loved teaching tools and are proud to introduce TAM-e.

Healthy Harold through the years

Healthy Harold has been part of Life Education since it's birth in 1979

  • 1970s

    Where it all began with Life Education founder, Rev Ted Noffs

  • 1980s

    My friend TAM. Our mobile learning centres have certainly come a long way since then!

  • 1990s

    When not learning with my friends I love getting out and stretching my legs!

  • 2000s

    Learning with my friends, my favourite place to be! Book your visit today

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Stay in touch

Keep up with Healthy Harold via his Facebook page or like Life Education on Facebook. Healthy Harold would also love to hear your stories and/or memories – he regularly checks both #HealthyHarold and #LifeEducation

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