Put simply, Life Education cares about Australian children. We have an active passion for the health and well-being of the next generation of Australia.

40 years of Life Education

Life Education was born from one man's vision. We continue to realise this vision as a community, banding together to support our young people to ensure that they, along with their own children, can confidently face the increasingly tough challenges in their lives. 

Our mission

Empowering our children and young people to make safer and healthier choices through education.

We believe it’s our responsibility to provide the most exceptional preventative health education to our young people. Putting this belief into action alongside our mascot and Australian icon, Healthy Harold, we are engaging more than over 710,000 children every year and with your support, we will see even more next year.

Our Mobile Learning Centres provide a unique learning environment and our trained educators use an innovative teaching and learning approach to engage students. Our program, launched with our establishment in 1979, remains at the core of our work. Designed by health and education experts, constant revisions ensure relevancy and appropriateness for all students.

Life Education

Our Mobile Learning Centres take our program to more than 700,000 children each year.

Telling a child ‘no’ may help them avoid their current challenges. In contrast, quality education empowers them to avoid a lifetime of challenges.

Life Education empowers young people to make safe choices.

Our program is not a rulebook, it does not dictate to children and this is essential to our success. We provide the information, understanding, skills and strategies they require to make safe decisions about their own health and well-being.