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It’s Your Call

Friday, 06 November 2015

If a Life Education Educator and our mascot Healthy Harold came to visit your child’s school today they may have participated in the ‘It’s Your Call’ session.

What is ‘It’s Your Call’?

‘It’s Your Call’ aims to help improve children’s decision making skills. Developed by Life Education with the support of Intel Security, this session helps your child understand how the decisions and choices they make can help them to stay safe and healthy as they become more independent.

How old does my child have to be to participate in ‘It’s Your Call’?
‘It’s Your Call’ has been developed for children ages 10-12 years old (upper primary).

What did they learn?
Children make decisions every day, what to eat for breakfast, what websites to use, what to wear, but as they grow these decisions become more complex and challenging. ‘It’s Your Call’ provides a forum for children to develop and practice their decision-making skills to help them navigate their way into adolescence. Children discover:

  • How our behaviour online can affect our safety and that of other people
  • How a range of legal drugs, including caffeine, tobacco, analgesics, and alcohol, all have long and short term effects on our bodies and health
  • What to do if faced with difficult decisions and how to navigate these to stay safe and healthy
  • Helpful strategies to understand the factors that can influence making decisions.

What you can do at home

We recognise that parents and carers have a pivotal role in supporting children to make safe and healthy choices. If your child did receive the ‘It’s Your Call’ session, we are sure they will be excited to tell you all about it. But whether they participated or not, we have suggested some ways as a family that you can help your children practice decision making in the home.

Download our App
Life Education, in partnership with Intel Security, have created a fun, and interactive app, ‘bCyberwise Monster Family’. Learn how to use the internet safely, protect your personal information, recognise a safe website and be positive and respectful online.

Have fun with the Chatterbox Cyber Safety Tips’
Print out and fold up the chatterbox to create a fun online safety game. Play against your kids or ask them to test each other, discovering and discussing a new safety tip with each go.

Play a game
Play a ‘yes/no’ game to see how someone’s decision making journey can affect an outcome. On a big piece of paper draw a series of twists and turns to see how the ‘yes/no’ path can lead to different answers and different situations.

Have a chat
Speak to your child about what they learnt during the ‘It’s Your Call’ session; here are some ideas to start the conversation:

  • What can people do to stay safe online? What do you think we could do as a family to improve our online safety?
  • What advice would you give your friends about smoking?
  • What sorts of decisions do you make every day? How will these change as you get older? What can you do to help you make decisions?

Download our printable 'It's Your Call' factsheet and pop it up on your fridge!

Find out more about what your tweens and teens are getting up to online with Intel Security’s Teens, Tweens and Technology research

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